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A Time For Truth

I’ve been putting this off for a long while. Everyday Loss. After signing up I suddenly began to question my reasoning and judgment behind why I was starting a blog. Even though I knew my vision deep down inside, I persued a quest for justification initializing with an array of seemingly insecure but likely honest questions. Totally unnecessary.

For weeks prior to actually signing up I had reserved countless ideas about what I would discuss. Everything which perplexed me about the human experience, I wanted to bring out on an engaging level with such profound depth as to entice the reader(s) and evoke them to reply with equally deep and profound commentary. Then we alike would be thinking heavily and insightfully all the while inspired to bring out new topics for scrutiny and consideration. Selfish though I know, I wanted it to be something significant to others not solely to myself. A heavy burden. Reality, thankfully, is more reliable and honest than I am.

Looking back now, as I am actually writing this first post, I find this particular cycle of behavior fascinating. Isn’t it funny how we try and trick ourselves in to believing even the most fantastic natured thoughts?

I think the concept of being dishonest with one’s self is a catacomb of paradox. How is it we can divide ourselves so as to attempt to lie and moreover believe that lie to be true, while further still being able to examine and reflect on this behavior as it happens in real time?

My roommate and I discussed this topic for about an hour one evening. Though there were some intial vocabulary headaches, we managed to make some small amount of progress in understanding the concept. Once I get a better handle on it I’ll discuss it further in detail, keeping in mind, of course, I am no psychologist nor one progress.

So, finally, here it is – not that you were waiting for it or anything. No longer am I thinking, I’m thinking and doing. What a triumph of the human intellect! What an amazing feat! To see man’s thought become manifest! Indeed.


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